911EW - TV136
10+30+60 min.
1 Full Case

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Imagine having an educational tool that can be customized to your audience. How many times have you had the opportunity to educate a skeptical friend about 9/11 truth but no time to watch a full length feature? This disc is the solution. You can select the best program for the situation. This disc contains three complete and separate edits of the material contained in 911 Eyewitness-Hoboken. There is a fast paced one-hour version, a more compressed 30 minute version and a ten minute overview of the main points. Each version is designed to instill, in the viewer, a need to learn more. Try it on those people who just don’t have time for a full-length movie. They just might start being skeptical of the official fairy tale.

Learn the truth about what happened at the World Trade Center on 9.11.2001 from eyewitness testimony and scientific analysis. High quality, three-chip digital video reveals the previously unseen reverse angle to televised coverage of the Twin Towers and Seven World Trade collapsing and a lot more. This is the only known unedited footage that contains a clear, real-time audio track of the many disturbing events that took place during the WTC destruction. Local news radio coverage was overheard playing in the background live at the Hoboken waterfront. Scientific analysis is presented in an easy to understand manner. The pictures tell the story and this is one story that all New Yorkers, and anyone who was traumatized by the shocking attack on the WTC, must see. In memory of all those who perished, 911 Eyewitness is a voice of the victims that must never be forgotten.

Please note: DVD’s come in full covers with a printed jacket.